I don’t fully understand what the product is…

– The product is a PVC tube with walls of tiny cones inside. As water is pushed through the cones it creates Hydrodynamic Cavitation, which means it’s heated to 15,000kelvin. (The sun is 5,000kelvin), as the tiny bubbles collapse, they create a shockwave strong enough to kill small fish.¬†
– There are no moving parts. There’s no electricity¬†involved. There are no active ingredients.
– The tube is about the size of a bread box. It takes less than 30 minutes to install

Does it replace existing pool filtering equipment?

– The water that is fed to the tub would need to be filtered with whichever filtration system is currently being used. It’s only meant to replace your chemical treatment.

Can I get an idea of cost?

– The unit itself is $1,250 for our standard unit which can handle up to 80,000 gallons. The unit lasts roughly 5 years. Comes standard with a 2-year warranty, there is a 5-year warranty option if we install the equipment, we charge $1,250 for the 5-year warranty and installation (This doesn’t include tax or traveling costs. Install team is based in Nashville, TN @ .85c a mile)
– Generally, people can spend $1,500-$2,000 on HOA or community pool chemical treatment yearly. Over 5 years you’re looking at a total savings of $7,500.00 to 10k.

– Regardless of the pool financial savings, you’ll be upgrading to a HydroDynamic Pool System. Chemical-free. 100% Organic. Ect.


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