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hydrodynamic cavitation


Bernoulli's Principle - 1738
Venturi Effect - 19th Century
Cavitation - 1885*

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*Charles Algernon Parsons
a more powerful clean


Mother Nature Approved - With a more powerful clean to boot.

No chemicals mean


Save storage space in your garage where chemical buckets USED to go, no more headache, and best of all, more time.
Your time.


100% FREE from any man-made additives or substances. 100% safe for you, the kids, and pets!

Perfect Balance

There's lots to balance in water, pH, Calcium, Alkalinity, LSI, we'll take care of it all.


Some pathogens are immune to Chlorine, Unlike traditional methods, Cavitation kills ALL living pathogens and bacteria.

Save Time

Even only a few minutes saved from everytime you balance your pool's chemicals will add up over a lifetime. Cross off that trip to the pool store while you're at it.


Free up all the storage room that Shock, Tablets, Soda Ash, Muratic Acid, and Testing Kits take up in your garage!

Mother Nature Approved

Nothing on the market is as environmentally friendly as cavitation. Not even close.

Giving Back

We're using this technology to provide clean, drinkable water to those in need. We're already sponsoring missions in morroco!


Average 5 year chemical savings


Units sold :D


Customer time saved!


Garage space reclaimed!

More than just a pool amenity


This technology is now possible thanks to over 150 years of research and hard work. Support us as we continue to apply this technology in different fields and mediums.


We're a proud partner of KLARNA, Finance the device for a low monthly payment for 24 months.

Try our product, RISK FREE for 90 days with our no questions asked money-back garuntee.

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Sara Demuni
NYC, New York

It just works! No issues, had it installed at the begenning of this summer! Never been better! Love it!

John Sponza
Orlando, FL
Changed Everything!

The device has been in for about a day. Prior to installing the water was lime green from Algea. When emptying the big filter container today I was so surprised at how clear the water appeared. Look at these 2 photos, one pre aquastaser and one a day later!

Kelly Wright
Bozeman, MT
Best Investment

Never in my life would I have thought something like this was possible! I'm so impressed! The chemical free experience is amazing!

We appreciate your feedback!
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